XLR8R: Java Based Software


The XLR8R application is a quick and easy tool for graphically presenting data collected from a GCDC data logging device. The program is written using Java, which provides cross platform compatibility to Operating Systems running Java 6.0 or later. XLR8R implements some basic analysis tools but GCDC recommends using a commercial or open source mathematics package, such as MathCAD, Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice Calc, Octave, R, S, etc.

XLR8R allows the user to open and display multiple files created from a single device. A calendar highlights relevant dates, a gant chart graphically shows the time frame of each file, and a time series plot presents the collected data. The data is sub-sampled to accelerate the presentation of large data sets. As the user zooms into the data, the data set is sampled to greater detail.

XLR8R provides a simple frequency analysis feature using an FFT algorithm and the ability to scan the data for limit bound violations. Copy-and-paste operations allow easy transport of converted data or re-sampled data into other software applications.

Device configuration files are easily managed using the configuration options editor. XLR8R will write properly formatted time initialization files to a device or directly initialize the real time clock (requires installing the GCDC device driver).

The latest version of XLR8R (ver 2.1 build 13030801) can be dowloaded as a zip file containing the application and help documentation.

Example plot window

Read more about the XLR8R application in the "help" documentation.

If you have any comments or suggestions, send us an email at: xlr8r@gcdataconcepts.com