R Script for Analyzing The Incredible Hulk Roller Coaster

Step by step instructions:

Step 1: Buy an X16-1D or X16-4 logger

Step 2: Download and install R from cran-r.project.com. Why R? R is a simple scripting language used primarily by statisticians for analyzing large data sets. The program is self contained, well supported with many libraries, easy to learn, and it's free! The language is a little quirky but very powerful once you learn the system. We could use Matlab or Octave (the free equivalent of Matlab) but those are either expensive (Matlab) or difficult to install (Octave).

Step 3: Download and save the coaster_analysis script to the data logger. You can use the data file we collected from the Hulk ride as an example file to analyze. (this is a 8MB file)

Step 4: Go to your favorite theme park and collect data on a roller coaster.

Step 5: At home, plug the logger into a PC and start R. At the R command prompt, enter source("h:coaster_analysis.r") to start the R script. The drive letter may be different in your particular case. Follow the prompts.