A Day at Walt Disney World with the USB Accelerometer


Part I: Zip-a-Dee Do Da

Have you used the USB Accelerometer on a roller coaster, you ask? Of course! But, for only $89 the X6-1A accelerometer data logger can provide far more information than just peak acceleration or acceleration profiles. We took the USB Accelerometer to Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL for several days of seering hot summer fun.

A USB Accelerometer was worn at the waist by two subjects and in the pocket of a third subject. For the most part, all three data sets provided similar results regarding rides and daily activities. The following analysis was based on selected data sets from one of the three subjects by considering the clarity of the data (Or, in the case of Mission Space only one of the three had the fortitude to experience the ride).

Discussion of Results

Part II: Feel the Disney Burn

The acceleration profiles of several top attractions are presented in part one. Then in part two, the extensive data set collected by the USB Accelerometer is analyzed to provide a unique summary of the activities during a typical day at the parks.

Part I: Zip-a-Dee Do Da

Part II: Feel the Disney Burn


The X6-1A USB Accelerometer built by Gulf Coast Data Concepts is a very versatile data logging system particularly useful to motion analysis and medical research in actigraphy. The data collected during a weekend trip to Walt Disney World provided a rich source of information for comparing thrill rides and assessing daily human activity. The small compact system at such a reasonable cost is a great asset to research programs or just good family fun.

Addendum 1

Read about more roller coasters from Universal Studios Orlando and activity levels of Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party and Halloween Horror Nights. It's all here.

Addendum 2

We return to Walt Disney World to collect acceleration and barometric data. The synchronized g-force and altitude data provided an enchanced appreciation of roller coasters and other attractions.

Buy one online for only $89.

Technical details of the USB Accelerometer